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Together we can ensure the safe disposal of unused and expired medicines in Europe


Every day we can appreciate how medicines help us prevent, fight, and manage disease. They have enabled us to live healthier for longer. But when they are expired or no longer needed, do we know exactly what to do with them?


Medicines are not like most waste. Help us protect the environment by disposing of them properly. Medicines discarded in sinks and flushed down toilets enter sewage waters and, if not filtered out, leak into aquatic systems like rivers and oceans. Disposal of unused and expired medicines via solid household waste can also result in pharmaceutical residues entering the environment if this waste is illegally dumped or destined for landfills. In addition, unused or expired medicines may present a public health risk of accidental or intentional misuse and poisoning.


Addressing this issue requires everyone to take their responsibility.


At MedsDisposal, we work together to prevent unused or expired medicines from ending up in the environment by raising awareness of the correct way to dispose of them in Europe. Our mission is to support the public, healthcare professionals and policy makers with tools and information to make a change for good, for the benefit of all.


Get involved!


To make our mission a success and to make a real difference, we need your help. That’s why we invite you to support our campaign today. You can start by helping us spread the word.


On our website, you will find a toolkit of materials that you can download and use, such as:


  • an interactive map with country-specific information on medicines collection systems in Europe
  • small posters (for pharmacies, lobbies and waiting rooms)
  • animations (to be screened in pharmacies, lobbies and waiting rooms)


You can also follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and support our online activities.


If you are an organisation or association and want to get actively involved in the campaign, you can become a partner of MedsDisposal. Contact us, we will be happy to give you more information.