How & where should I dispose my unused or out of date medicines ?

The disposal of unused and/or out of date medicines varies across European countries. You can find information on medicines disposal schemes in different European countries at www.medsdisposal.eu

Why can't I just flush my medicines down the toilet or sink ?

Medicines can enter the environment via sewers and increase exposure to for example aquatic organisms.  Research is continuously being carried out to evaluate any potential risks, however human medicines are meant for people and therefore their unnecessary exposure in the environment should be minimised. Click here to find out how to safely dispose of medicines in your country

Are expired medicines dangerous ?

Manufacturers guarantee the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines up until their expiry date as long as they are preserved according to instructions. After this it cannot be guaranteed, which means the medicine may not work as originally intended

I'm confused about some of the medicines I have, if I need them or not. What should I do ?

Ask your pharmacist or doctor

How can I help raise awareness about appropriate medical disposal in Europe ?

You can take part in the #medsdisposal campaign by talking about it to your friends and family, sharing the video, facebook page and website of the campaign or tweeting using the #medsdisposal hashtag. If you represent an association or other body with interest in the topic, you can also endorse the campaign